oh those magnets

Last week was Hary Raya holiday. I was suppose to go for a personal retreat in Johor, but due to certain unforeseen reason I was not able to go. It was a good holiday at home, albeit having a lot on my mind and also having to do some office work during the holidays.

This project is has been long pending. I have always wanted to put up a magnetic board with the world map to display my magnet collection. Dad mounted this heavy thing on the wall for me.


The process? …. Many months ago (I cannot even remember how long ago it was), I bought 3 magnetic board from Ikea. Dad brought them to the welder and got them to weld the boards together.

I bought the World Map stickers from IPC way back in 2012 December (yeap, the receipt was still in the box). The stickers were meant for walls, but hey it works fine on my magnet board too.



My plan was to have each magnet from the country of origin correspond to the map did not work; because I have too many from the same country or area nearby and the map is to tiny. Initially I thought of just choosing 1 magnet from each country and put them up, and put the others up on rotation. However, then that beats the point of having my collection displayed, and besides I am not that “hardworking” to manage that. Hence, I tried my best to pin all my magnets up on the board, as close to the map as possible.


Magnets from Bali

My Parents went to Bali for the weekend to attend my Uncle’s wedding. As always, I will request for fridge magnets as souvenirs. If nothing else, just bring me magnets! I collect them. Like crazy!!!

Here’s what they bought me. I was expecting just 1 or 2, but 16 !!!! Wow weee… my Dad went overboard 😛
magnets from Bali

Mom kept asking me if they are nice. She said Dad choosed them. She kind of think he could have chosen better hahaha… but I like them. I think, while most of them are unique, some do look kind of scary!

I must say, these are unique to the Balinese culture. I don’t know much about them, I need to research about it (soon).

Mom bought me a bag. Fabric patchworked bag, made from Sarong. I will take a photo of it soon, and post it up. It is beautiful! I got blouses and skirts and belts too… but those are not that “important” to show off here… hehehe…