Carving Frenzy & a Swap Received

I’ve been practising my carving this weekend.

Made some progress and happy with it. My fingers are more steady now. Yay!

Having a precision knife helps a lot. But I wish I had the actual rubber stamp carving knife (the one with the “U”). It is hard for me to carve neatly in betweens because the precision blade cannot turn, so I usually make zig zags (which is not very neat).

Rubber Stamp_Rabbit Wink

Anyway, I had fun. Check them out at WhimsyLoft Flickr.


This swap package came for me on Saturday. I love it! 🙂

It is the October swap in Flickr for Autumn Colours on Fat Quater Swaps with a Twist.

We are to send 3 FQs in Autumn colours, 2 sewing notions and a surprise. So I got these with a few extras :-).

Fabric Swap With A Twist_Oct09_Autumn Colours

Thank you to my swap partner Dmariem!

Stamped Coasters

In Chinese culture, Goldfish is a symbol of wealth and good fortune.

If you present someone with Goldfish (the life one) or any ornament with a motif of Goldfish, it means your are presenting that person with a blessing of good fortune.

Read more about Chinese beliefs in Goldfish here.


Goldfish Stamp & Embroidery Batik Coasters

I spent one week to complete this. Mainly because I’ve not been consistently working on this. One coaster a day keep me satisfied of my sewing cravings haha! 😉

Anyway, this coasters are made of Batik printed fabric on one side. The other side, is just plain cotton which I stamped with Goldfish. Then because I thought it was too plain, I embroidery one of the Goldfish on each of the coasters. I like the idea! Yay!

The ink will not come off because I use Versacraft fabric ink, and it sticks on ones you have iron over the stamped picture.

Goldfish Stamp & Embroidery Batik Coasters

I’m thinking to write a Tutorial for this. Well, maybe! Still thinking! 🙂

By the way, it’s a wonderful day here in Malaysia today. Cooling and breezy with just a little sun. I heart this type of day.

New Fabric, Fabric Ink and Drawstrings

I am so happy. Our local craft shop has a SALE on fabric ink so we got some for ourselves! Now, I just can’t wait for my new Whimsy Loft stamp to arrive! Quick!!!!!  I want to stamp stamp stamp stamp!!!

new fabric ink sept 09

In the mean time, enjoy my NEW STASH of fabric ;-). I just can’t stop buying… it has become an addiction… hehe…

new cotton fabric sept09

new cotton fabric sept09 2

Here, I share with you my fabric cupboard. There are more than 100 different type. Almost all of them are Cotton and Cotton-blend. I just love working with cotton! There’s also quite a bit of Felt. Felt is great to make embellishments.

Sharing Fabric

I made these drawstring bags while I was accompanying Mom in the hospital last month. Long cold nights… so I kept myself busy sewing these drawstrings. I’m glad we both only had to be there for 1 night 😉

party drawstring 2

party drawstring 1

Purple Teddies Drawstring 2

Purple Teddies Drawstring 3

Thank you for reading 🙂