experiment front zipper pouch and new galaxy note pouch

A little night sewing doing a little experiment.
Front zip pouch.

Front- zip side:
front zipped phone pouch_fron

My first time sewing this, with full lining (no raw seams insides). Usually when sewing this type of pouches, I leave the inside with raw seams showing; either that or use bias tape or zig zag stitches.
Thought of trying something different, and since I was not in my lazy mode… I made this with no raw seams!

Back – pretty fabric side:
front zipped phone pouch_back

Anyway, my new iPhone pouch.
Sorry no photo of the “un”raw seams.
The strap is made from faux leather.

Here is another Samsung Galaxy Note pouch, custom order from a friend.
samsung galaxy pouch

samsung galaxy pouch1

I sure love sewing with canvas and linen. Nice and sturdy. πŸ™‚
Happy Tuesday my friends!

FILO handbag

Why FILO ?

Filo as in filo pastry!

filo handbag

Because, making this bag reminds me of this type of pastry. Layer by layer, and the end results is the puffs!

There are 4 layers in the making of this lovely mix of elegance and cute handbag.
Layer 1, the outside fabric. Layer 2, the batting. Layer 3 the fucible inteliner for extra sturdiness. Layer 4, the lining fabric.

This bag keeps its shape. Always rounded :P. It’s kinda chubby. And chubby is sexy!

This bag is put together using cotton fabric… in my favourite combination of colours! Machine quilted and handsewn pocket. Oh yes 1 pocket inside, just nice to fit an iphone. It closes with a magnetic snap. I use {new} belts (the ones we use to hold up our pants) to make the straps and closure. The belt is made of pvc.

It’s light, puffy, stores many things. Good for daily use.

filo handbag_inside

Bag measures horizontally 10″ x height approx 6.5″. Width approx. 5.5″. Straps end-to-end approx. 17″. Strap length will vary depending on the length of the belt (but of course long enough to sling on our shoulder).

I enjoyed making this bag and would love to make you one.

So I’m taking orders!

For a limited time only, discounted price is between RM50 to RM65 (USD25 to USD33); depending on the fabric you choose.
The usual, cotton and cotton blend is more affordable than Japanese cotton, linen or cotton duck.
Select your fabric HERE; – combi of 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 fabric pattern to make up the squares for the bag. Entirely your choice!
Lining (the insides) I will match with plain cotton blend or if you want, please select (price will match your selections). Price of course not inclusive of postage ;).

Please also support my DESTASH SALE HERE. All things new at very cheap prices, and new items updated {almost} daily.

P/s: I’m just dying to tell you… that ballerina fabric at the bottom of the bag… it’s my new pillow case!

first aid kit

I was inspired by this tutorial from A Spoonful Of Sugar… with improvised variations. Nevertheless I love her cute and very useful pouch idea; and I’ve been wanting to make a first aid kit for my home but haven’t really got to it until now.

I wanted something quick to sew (itchy fingers!), just something crafty to accomplish in a short time. Took me less than 15 minutes to cut and sew.

emergency aid kit1

I use felt. Cut out 2 pieces of white felt 4″x4″, and 4 pieces of red felt 1″x4″. And using a red thread I handsew the red felt onto the white one, to form a red cross. Then mod podge it to both sides of this vinyl pouch I have (free from the pharmacy when I purchase my monthly supplements).

Lo and behold! A first aid kit pouch. Easy peasy.

emergency aid kit2

Then I started filling it up with things I believe is essential in a first aid kit. I did not buy any of the items, we already have them at home except that it is all over the house. So this moderately small pouch is just the right thing to keep all these essentials in one place!

I have bandages, cotton, cotton buds, scissor, plaster, alcohol wipes, iodin wipes, disposable gloves, CPR mask, energy drink, nail clipper, twizzer, hypodermic needles, tissue paper, disposable face mask, gauze, safety pin, and spontan.
Hmmm… what else do I need?

So if you’re looking for an easy project, this is a good start πŸ™‚

Bubu softtoy

Bubu is the nickname we call our turtle.

He (well we don’t really know if it’sΒ  He or She… but lets assume it’s a He) walked into our house one day a couple of years back. Scout found him. Scout was hopping all around Bubu and we manage to “save” Bubu from Scout’s playful bite.

One day, we found a friend with Bubu. A baby rat fell into Bubu’s tub and stay on his back to avoid the water. How clever!
bubu and friend

This is my replica of Bubu.
bubu softtoy
Purple woggly eyes ^^ with long lashes!

I’m also playing with my new found love – the Diamond Glaze glue and Mod Podge !!!! Made some rings for myself. Simple. Fast. Pretty. Love the Turquoise especially!

i sew baby gifts

So, my SMS giveaway is now closed. I will be announcing the 3 winners tomorrow.

I’m glad it’s the weekends :-). It has been a very stressful week, mainly because I have so much work queue up at work PLUS I had to 7 attend interview enquiries!!! Next week, arrrgggg… more interviews!!!!

Today, despite the buzzing in my head, I visited a very good friend of mine who just had her first baby. A cute little bundle of joy dragon boy. This year, many Chinese willΒ want to have babies (and a boy if possible) because it is the Dragon year. It is believed that the Dragon baby are lucky and blessed, and will bring many blessings to the family. Afterall, Dragon is the only mystical creature amongst the 12 animals in the Chinese calendar.

I made these gifts for my friend a couple of weeks ago. Slow and steady, I completed one at a time.

The 1st gift I made is from this tutorial found in SewMamaSew blog.
CH Baby Gift

Then I made 2 of these cute blocks from this tutorial.
CH Baby Gift4

Then I made a simple hankie using diaper cloth on one side, and the other side the same cute cotton with cars printed on. No pattern, just cut a square and sew sew sew!
ICH Baby Gift1

And this one, the BIB… is my favourite of them all. I made this myself without a pattern. It was inspired by this huge overall-looking bib I saw on display in the Fun & Cheer shop nearby, but mine is not as complicated, nor does it need as much fabric. I use bias tape to make the “sleeves” instead of sewing a sleeve… (if you know what i mean :P…). And the back is bare, like how a bib is suppose to be ^^…
CH Baby Gift2

Anyway, I have a BIB tutorial coming up soon.

Then lastly, I packed up all the gifts in this cute little bag.
CH Baby Gift6

Yes, I bought that bag for RM3.90 in Popular bookshop. Haha… was looking for a nice box, wrapper or something… and frankly I’m just not into gift wrapping… so this serves the purpose, plus it’s really really cute!

How is your weekend so far?
I’m off to enjoying the rest of my Saturday night, and looking forward to Mass tomorrow… and more stress πŸ˜› (UGH!!!) next week.

P/S: I so LIKE the Hello Kitty flannel in my photos….

Mother’s Day gift ~ vanity pouch

Before writing my post about Mother’s day gift, I’d like to mention that the SMS giveaway is still happening till 25th May. Please do come join my giveaway here.

I am quite frustrated this morning because I realised many of my comments/entry for the SMS did not come out. I know for sure this is due to MY BROWSER PROBLEM (and i don’t know how to correct it though *cry*). I spend quite a lot of time last night visiting blogs (and i did it in sequence from no. 1 to no. xx in each category ~ yeah no skipping, I’M JUST THAT OCD!!!)… so yes when I realised my comments did not post I felt “ugh”. Hope it gets better tonight though; or I’ll just comment from another computer!

So, here’s my Mother’s Day gift!
vanity pouch

A beauty.

I like the roses, so chic !

The pouch is coated with a layer of “plastic”. I wouldn’t call it vinyl coated because the “plastic” is not actually glued to the fabric. It is 2-layered, outside clear plastic, inside cotton fabric.

And to top it all up, there’s also this handmade flower.
flower on vanity pouch1

Pink is my favourite!
flower on vanity pouch

Cool right?
Was a really pretty Mother’s Day gift πŸ™‚

P/s: I did not sew the pouches!

coffee maker

i love my coffee!

coffee maker

When I was in Holland I bought a packet of Douwe Egbert (red) grounded coffee. You can’t buy this brand in Malaysia. It was really good. Not too strong but not too light. I loved it. I cherished every sip, every drop of coffee that comes out from each spoonful of grounded bean. Then one fine day, it was my last cup. The 500g of beans had to finish one day and that day came too soon πŸ™

When I’m back in Holland again, I’m gonna get like 100 packets and bring them all home!!!! But till then, I continue my search for nice coffee beans to brew at home. By the way, Starbucks don’t count. Their coffee is one of my favourite but only when bought ready made from their outlets.


Anyway, I might have found a close substitute for my Douwe Egbert.. it’s the Ikea organic coffee beans. I thinks it’s Arabica. It will work for now!

Made this baby to keep my coffee maker covered when its not in used.

coffeemaker cover

chic pillows for my outdoor space

Hello again! Earlier today I mentioned that I did some sewing last week.

Here’s what I sewed.

2 large and fluffy pillows and a table cloth for my “outdoor space”.
my outdoor space - new pillows! 2

This is where I usually have my morning cuppa joe (if the weather’s not too warm). It faces my tiny little garden, and I like to “hang out” here because my dog Scout loves the garden. He chases the birds that come visit us in the mornings.

my outdoor space - new pillows!

I call this place my “Outdoor Space”. Sometimes I sew here, and occasionally my Mom does the prayers here.

And by the way, I need to confess it’s the first time in my life sewing on PIPINGS… I know how it’s done, I’ve seen it done… but i haven’t done it before until these pillows! *clap hand* hehe…

A closer look:
my outdoor space - new pillows! 3

I know I should have iron. But iron and me are not so close friend ^^
my outdoor space - new pillows! 4

And of course, I had to show you this! I was trying out a new pattern couple of weeks back, and yay! a new handbag for me!
and a new handbag )

Now, I’m going to really enjoy my outdoor space with a cuppa green tea. I love green tea. It’s evening, it’s dark and it’s cooling after the rain this afternoon.