FILO handbag

Why FILO ?

Filo as in filo pastry!

filo handbag

Because, making this bag reminds me of this type of pastry. Layer by layer, and the end results is the puffs!

There are 4 layers in the making of this lovely mix of elegance and cute handbag.
Layer 1, the outside fabric. Layer 2, the batting. Layer 3 the fucible inteliner for extra sturdiness. Layer 4, the lining fabric.

This bag keeps its shape. Always rounded :P. It’s kinda chubby. And chubby is sexy!

This bag is put together using cotton fabric… in my favourite combination of colours! Machine quilted and handsewn pocket. Oh yes 1 pocket inside, just nice to fit an iphone. It closes with a magnetic snap. I use {new} belts (the ones we use to hold up our pants) to make the straps and closure. The belt is made of pvc.

It’s light, puffy, stores many things. Good for daily use.

filo handbag_inside

Bag measures horizontally 10″ x height approx 6.5″. Width approx. 5.5″. Straps end-to-end approx. 17″. Strap length will vary depending on the length of the belt (but of course long enough to sling on our shoulder).

I enjoyed making this bag and would love to make you one.

So I’m taking orders!

For a limited time only, discounted price is between RM50 to RM65 (USD25 to USD33); depending on the fabric you choose.
The usual, cotton and cotton blend is more affordable than Japanese cotton, linen or cotton duck.
Select your fabric HERE; – combi of 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 fabric pattern to make up the squares for the bag. Entirely your choice!
Lining (the insides) I will match with plain cotton blend or if you want, please select (price will match your selections). Price of course not inclusive of postage ;).

Please also support my DESTASH SALE HERE. All things new at very cheap prices, and new items updated {almost} daily.

P/s: I’m just dying to tell you… that ballerina fabric at the bottom of the bag… it’s my new pillow case!

What’s on my mind today…

… is this lunch bag.
Lunch bags - blue

A friend called up today to ask if I can make her 3 kids each one of this bag.

The good thing is, she will provide the fabric! But I have to wait, because she just bought them from etsy, and is waiting for them to arrive at her door *fingers cross* in two weeks time!

Lunch bags

I adore these lunch bags. They take time to make, because much measuring and cutting is needed. However, ones the cutting is done the sewing is easy peasy!

Say HELLO to Scout my handsome Labrador.
eyes open
It is his habit every night that he waits for me on that exact spot to “go to his room” upstairs for the night. And being a dog, he is conditioned to do so at precisely the same time each night. The problem… I don’t go to bed the same time every night 😛 So, he conditioned himself to wait for me there should I choose to go to bed later than 10pm.

And most of the time, he will be snoring away on the stairway!

Sleepy Scout.
eyes close
It’s my pillow! Mine!
my pillow!


Wow! The last time I blogged here was in November 2010, and now it is already middle of January in the New Year.

Well, not too late to wish you my dear Readers A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! May this year be filled with love, peace, joy and lots of craftiness !!!

How did your start your new year?

Mine started a little slow, initially it didn’t feel like a new year to me… but eventually after 16 days into the new year, things are starting to look brighter and I’m starting to feel that YES! this is indeed a New Year with new hopes and new dreams and looking forward for the many blessings 2011 will bring 🙂

I made this in December all through New Year.

Lunch bags - red

This is the famous what most people will call “the lunch bag” type of bag.  To me it is a variation (different size) bag to my earlier version of lunch bag.

This one here measures 7? (l) x 7? (w) x 5? (h).
Lunch bags - blue

More photos here.

I will be busy {again} for a while, but I’ve got quite a lot of items I sewed up these past months and will post them on intervals when I can. Have a great week ahead !

Hanagami batch 2

More Hanagami Pouches !

Hanagami - piggy apples back

The size is 7″ L x 5.” H. Inside 2 pockets that fits credit cards (some have 3 pockets ~ 2 fits credit cards, 1 is really small but I like it as I use it to tuck in folded $notes)

Hanagami - piggy apples inside 2 pockets

The front of the pouch is to put tissue paper (hence the name “hanagami”). The whole pouch is lined with batting for a soft slightly spongy feel. Zipper is YKK medium  {medium = zipper is slightly larger than the normal size zipper, the puller also slightly larger & stainless steel. The price is 2x the normal zipper price too 😛 ~ i believe it should me more durable *hopefully*}
Hanagami - piggy apples front
I simply love them, and they simply love me haha!

More photos here!

Tapau bags

Over the weekends, I made a new version of my Food Warmers. I named them Tapau bags. Tapau means packed food in Cantonese language, a word used very frequently here in KL.

Tapau bag (small version of Food Warmer) - lovely red hearts

They feature:

  • Small & light & foldable (smaller than the original sized food warmers).  SIZE: 14″ L x9″ W
  • Removable Insulator! For easy cleaning and they are all washable. Since you can separate them, they dry faster too! (insulator: aluminium thermal insulator sheets)
  • Fits perfectly the economy rice box frequently used in the local coffee shops ( the tupperware in photo measures 7.5″ L x 5″ W x 2″H)
  • Affordable prices 🙂

Tapau bag (small version of Food Warmer) - yellow chrysantemum

 You can find them here and here.

Tapau bag (small version of Food Warmer)

More photos at flickr.

One Lunch Bag became 2 :-)

It’s a wonder how a person can get addicted to making something.

I had a custom order from a friend to make her a lunch bag… It’s a pretty common pattern, a bit Japanese-y… or perhaps even Chinese-y style… She wanted the bag to fit the Tupperware container about 8″ (l) x 4.5″ (w) x 3″ (h) size. So off I went a measuring and a cutting…

Here’s the outcome 🙂

Lunch Bag - rainbow piglets

Looks great! I love the look when the drawstring is pulled together and the body of bag becomes like it has pleates at the top.
Lunch Bag - rainbow piglets

Then… off I went to make another one…

Lunch Bag - polka giraffes

…this time I made the top cover (drawstring section) a little wider than the previous one. You can see from the photo that when you close the body of the bag it does not pull in so much on the top (no pleats look), and the bag keeps its shape – this way you don’t have to worry about taller stuff like bottle/mugs tipping off when you pull the drawstring.

Lunch Bag - polka giraffes

Bottom square 9″ (l)  x 4.5″ (w)
Height of body 5″
1 pocket inside 7″ (l) x 4.5″ (h)
Straps 15″ end to end

Batting all over the body ~ can keep food cozy.

*In the photo, is my favourite yellow bento containers!!!  The food container is 480ml and the water container is 500ml, pockets for cutleries.
Lunch Bag - polka giraffes

Want one for your kids? Custom order are most welcome!  {I’ll be making the 2nd version with larger drawstring portion}


Food Warmer

Today, I’m working on several custom orders.

This is my prototype 🙂

Food Warmer - sweet apples!

A food warmer!!!

It keeps your packed food warm 🙂

Food Warmer - sweet apples!

The idea was from a friend in counselling class, and here is my IMPROVED and IMPROVISED version of it…

Food Warmer - sweet apples!

It is made in the correct size (and shape) to keep a “rice box” {those microwaveable tupperwares/styroform packet used in the local coffee shop when you pack your food}, and at the side, ample space to put forks & spoons or condiments/soup packet.
For illustration purposes, I use two small tupperwares in the photos.

Food Warmer - sweet apples!

Like it?

YES!… Mom wants one too !!! 🙂


my CREATIVE space 29 July 2010

My creative space today …

is a whole bunch of cut-outs to make 2 really pretty bags with really pretty fabric 🙂

Now, I’m only missing a 14″ zipper.

{p/s: my de-stash SALE is still ONclick on the icon on the right —->>>> }

my creative space 29 jul 10

I have all the other zipper sizes…16″, 8″, 6″, 5″, 20″, 36″… but noooooo 14″. Now frustrating when you need them!

Visit Kootoyoo for more Creative Spaces!

Here’s also the photos of the 2 bags I made few days ago.

Made from Japanese cotton and Japanese Tenugui (japanese towels). One of my absolute precious fabric.

Rounded bottom Japanese tenugui bag {GOLD FISH}

Rounded bottom Japanese tenugui bag {GOLD FISH}

Rounded bottom Japanese tenugui bag {DICE}


Custom Orders Ready!

Here are some custom orders I made in the past week.


I like the black & white… The combination of colours (opposite attracts) makes the bags look very attractive. I think I will work more on these type of concept ~ opposite colours/pattern type of concept.


 Then here are some gifts I made for Christmas!


Enjoy 🙂

Batik Drawstring Bag

Ok, this is made of poly-batik printed fabric. I like the blue very much.

Batik Drawsting Bag

After I sewed the Batik bag, I decided to make another one with combination of poly + felt. Then made some daisies with felt to embellish the bag.

Daisy Drawstring Bag

The bags can be closed using drawstrings. I put a wooden bead at the end of the drawstings. For the Batik I use thin leather strap, and for the daisy bag I use cotton string as the straps. I like the concept of drawstrings because it makes the bags look “puffed up”.

I want to put them in my Etsy Store for sale, but I think my Mom wants to give them to her friends as Christmas presents. Let’s see what she decides.