and i’m back…

… just for a short post… to say HI {i’m still alive :P}

Christmas is around the corner… I should be jolly & happy, making nice plans for the year end… but to be honest, I don’t feel the holiday season yet. Maybe it’s the day job that has been taking the toll out of me. Work has been stressful and it’s appraisal time… stress level is at a high!

I’ve been busy as a bee sewing a little of this and that… for presents so I cannot show them here yet.

This is something I can show though…
How do you like my new Coasters?
Coasters with velvet iron-ons

I’m having fun working with some kind of velvety iron-ons I found in my local craft shop. It’s fun {and easy} to use and it somehow gives a “chic” effect to the project…. Love them !  
Coasters with velvet iron-ons

Coasters with velvet iron-ons

And here’s THE sun hat that I made for myself… Should I bring this to Langkawi this weekend? Hmmm…
Sun hat for me!

I hope we all will have a fun time preparing for Christmas, amidst the hustles and bustles {and crappy stress} ! Happy holidays dear friends 🙂

Collage, pillows and houses

and that’s how this idea came to life!

This morning, I was thinking of these 3 things ::

I needed pillows for my sofas. Initially the plan was making some animal shaped (that might still come to life one day…)…

Then my fingers were itching on making some felt collages. Am thinking “laundry”. (and that might come to life one day too!)…

And then I was just browsing through some of my travel photos, and came across Amsterdam… photos I took while floating down the Dutch Canals. And “houses”… more accurately Dutch houses came to my mind.

Putting all these together, I’ve got myself some really cute pillows. (p/s: I must apologised for the lighting in the photos… it’s really dim 🙁 )

My Dutch houses pillows

I like the blue one better, and think I could have chosed a better fabric pattern for the red. What do you think?

I didn’t use felt afterall. They are made of cotton and plain calico, stuffed with poly-cotton. I prefer poly-cotton rather than pure polyfill as they are heavier; thus nicer as pillows.

They are the replicate of these 2 Dutch houses models I got from KLM.

Dutch houses models from KLM

I’m quite proud of them I must say… 🙂 I hope you like them too!

Stamped Coasters

In Chinese culture, Goldfish is a symbol of wealth and good fortune.

If you present someone with Goldfish (the life one) or any ornament with a motif of Goldfish, it means your are presenting that person with a blessing of good fortune.

Read more about Chinese beliefs in Goldfish here.


Goldfish Stamp & Embroidery Batik Coasters

I spent one week to complete this. Mainly because I’ve not been consistently working on this. One coaster a day keep me satisfied of my sewing cravings haha! 😉

Anyway, this coasters are made of Batik printed fabric on one side. The other side, is just plain cotton which I stamped with Goldfish. Then because I thought it was too plain, I embroidery one of the Goldfish on each of the coasters. I like the idea! Yay!

The ink will not come off because I use Versacraft fabric ink, and it sticks on ones you have iron over the stamped picture.

Goldfish Stamp & Embroidery Batik Coasters

I’m thinking to write a Tutorial for this. Well, maybe! Still thinking! 🙂

By the way, it’s a wonderful day here in Malaysia today. Cooling and breezy with just a little sun. I heart this type of day.

Needlebook, A Visitor & Some Leather

It was a wonderful morning. I listed one new product in Etsy, and updated my shop in ArtFire.

I know I haven’t mentioned anything about my ArtFire shop… mainly because I hardly list items there. But I do sometimes ;-). The products are the same as in my Etsy.

We had a visitor today. He came 3 times today to visit my dogs. How I know it’s a “he” is because he did his “manly leg-up” thing on my car tyres! 😛


This is my new needlebook.

I call it the House With No Roof Needlebook!

House Needlebook

House Needlebook

Oh, I also like to share with you this…
My Father gave me these 2 days ago. They have been sitting in our store room for ages… Dad wants me to make him a PDA cover (and i did!) with these. I will post photos of the handsewn PDA cover soon.

Have a great day… I am looking forward to my dinner date this evening. We are having Korean 🙂

Potholders – Cute Bugs

This past week have found me boiling soups and tongsui (Chinese desserts). I realised that my kitchen do not have a potholder! Seems that we have been satisfied using a kitchen cloth as a potholder substitute, so I figured, why not make one… so here it is!

I made not just one but two!
They look like cute little bugs.

Potholder 3

The blue one is fully handstitch, while the red one, is machine stitch 😛
They measure approx. 5.5″ in width, and 7.5″ in lenght; and I use sponge inside to make it heat-proof.

Potholder 4

Potholder 5

But this doesn’t suit my kitchen colour, so I’m at the moment making a yellow one for my kitchen.

Visit my Etsy shop today.