More coasters

So I just cannot have enough of the leafy felty non-slipy coasters! Hahahaha! Actually I just wanted to show you these 1st batch on non-slip leaf coasters. They kinda became my favourite because of the printed felt, plus the non-slip is attached on with mod podge ! Yeap. Took 6

Coasters coasters

As promised, I said I will re-open my Etsy shop in May. It’s now May the 3rd. I’ve started listing stuff in my shop. That also indirectly means… drum roll pleaseeeeeee…. I’ve started sewing again *wink wink*. Fingers cross, I will have time to continue the sewing. Frankly, I prefer

penguin buttons!

Aren’t they cute?! Those wooden penguin buttons. These photos came from my custom order photo stash. I’ve been looking through my old photos and re-organising my hard drive, doing some archiving. I realise now it’s time to get a new hard drive, much space is needed! How to you store

Old Flames

Today, after having fallen ill for more than 1 week, I finally felt so much better. I started having sorethroat this morning, but this is so much better than having fever and bodyache and feeling tired all the time. I was browsing through some old photos of mine, all those things


Just something random I made. Polkadot Hearts. I guess this can be a small placemat, or coaster, or I’ll just leave it hanging on my wall. It needs ironing though… So how is your day so far? I’m starting to love Picnik the photo editing tool. Unfortunately they are closing

For the house

I’ve been feeling very moody lately, which contributes to my laziness. Although I have the time, but with the hot weather and all other things, sewing has become quite a chore. 🙁 I know I’ve neglected my shop. But it’s alright, I will be having a SALE as soon as