Mother’s Day gift ~ vanity pouch

Before writing my post about Mother’s day gift, I’d like to mention that the SMS giveaway is still happening till 25th May. Please do come join my giveaway here.

I am quite frustrated this morning because I realised many of my comments/entry for the SMS did not come out. I know for sure this is due to MY BROWSER PROBLEM (and i don’t know how to correct it though *cry*). I spend quite a lot of time last night visiting blogs (and i did it in sequence from no. 1 to no. xx in each category ~ yeah no skipping, I’M JUST THAT OCD!!!)… so yes when I realised my comments did not post I felt “ugh”. Hope it gets better tonight though; or I’ll just comment from another computer!

So, here’s my Mother’s Day gift!
vanity pouch

A beauty.

I like the roses, so chic !

The pouch is coated with a layer of “plastic”. I wouldn’t call it vinyl coated because the “plastic” is not actually glued to the fabric. It is 2-layered, outside clear plastic, inside cotton fabric.

And to top it all up, there’s also this handmade flower.
flower on vanity pouch1

Pink is my favourite!
flower on vanity pouch

Cool right?
Was a really pretty Mother’s Day gift 🙂

P/s: I did not sew the pouches!

chandeliers sling pouch

MINE ! Yes this is for ME me me meeeeeee….. wheeeeeeeee…….

I’ve been saving this fabric. Bought just half a yard from a Japanese supplier. Very expensive! But I love the prints. CHANDELIERS. So elegant, so cool!

chandelier sling pouch

2 pockets inside:
chandelier sling pouch

I always like lace with natural linen.
chandelier sling pouch

chandelier sling pouch

Happy to take custom orders.

You can select your fabric HERE. (i’ll be adding more fabric soon!). This is for the chandelier part of the pouch.

Then I will match the lining, and the rest of the pouch will be natural linen with lace and sling chain. Lace may not be exactly the same as the photo because that depends on the supplier’s stock (but I’ll let ya know in advance what I have).

Floral pouches + FREE tissue case

Because my sewing mojo is back. Because I started listing in etsy again after a long long time…

my customers will get a matching Tissue Case for FREE when they purchase the floral pouch.

I have 4 colours – black, blue, pink and green. Each of them comes with a free matching tissue holder === a PAIR OF BEAUTY === 😉
floral pouches

tissue case

The pouches measures approximately 6″ x 4.5″.

floral pouches PINK

floral pouches GREEN


floral pouches BLUE

And it fits a Samsung Note android PERFECTLY !


Old Flames

Today, after having fallen ill for more than 1 week, I finally felt so much better. I started having sorethroat this morning, but this is so much better than having fever and bodyache and feeling tired all the time.

I was browsing through some old photos of mine, all those things I sewed in the past which I (think) I have never posted it up before.

Pencil case. I like this very much because I mixed fabric with faux leather. It wasn’t easy to sew, and one of them I actually accidently burned with an iron.
pencil case

pencil case

This is made from Japanese tenugui. My favourite material. Very soft, and very cute prints! Wugui (turtle). This pouch is made to keep some CDs. It was for my Dad.
CD pouch

CD pouch

And here are phone pouches. It is made to fit my iPhone4, and it fits almost all types of phones… htc, samsung galaxy… I made this for my shop, and they are all sold out now.
phone pouches

phone pouches

I’ll be back with more photos soon. And, hopefully new ones ;). First, I need to tidy up my sewing loft. Have a nice day!

miss smockie

I’ve been working on my smocking skills using my sewing machine. Created a simple clutch or wristlet using basic smocking.

Here’s some custom clutch I made for a friend.
Named this clutch design Miss Smockie 😛

Miss Smockie - sweet roses

They measure 7″ x 4.5″
Inside is just a simple 1 pocket, fully interfaced for durability. I tried using heavier cotton or linen as the lining fabric, since the outside I use lightweight cotton.

Miss Smockie - tiny tulips (custom order)

When I have time, I’m going to make some for the shop 😉

I’ll be going for my annual holiday to Chengdu next week, so this could be my last post until I get home in November !

*new* Evy purse

It is a simple purse that will fit loose change, driver’s licence and even a small mobile phone.

evy purse - brown song

“evy” stands for “everyday” … because when I made them, I was thinking of using it for my everyday shop & run (maybe i forgot to buy bread, or there’ no more butter in the fridge!) activities… just tuck in some cash, car keys and driver’s licence when I need to take a quick run to the shop!

evy purse - tea party beigh

For more photos : Whimsy Loft flickr

Shop here : Whimsy Loft ETSY


evy purse - paris

evy purse - paris

Kindle Pouch

This is what I made for my Sister. A custom order for her (so to speak).

Last night, I whip this up for her… based on her fussy demand 😛 haha….

Kindle Pouch- front

Sis bought an Amazon Kindle online, and got it delivered to our cousin in Australia {because they don’t deliver to Malaysia! Sooo crappy isn’t it?}. So… the new kindle is already there in Perth… and while waiting for cousin to deliver to her when he comes home for Chrismas… she’s keeping her excitement at bay by making various kindle covers and pouches!

Kindle Pouch- back

Measurement : 9″ x 7″
Pockets : 3 (1 outside, 2 inside)
Compartments : 2 inside (one side for kindle, the other for $, mobile phone…)
Loops : 2 (so that she can hang a wristlet strap or a shoulder strap ~ i have yet to sew that)
Batting: Lots and lots… double on each side… (sis was very specific about having the pouch very very soft and secure for her precious kindle!)

Kindle Pouch- inside

Happy days ahead!

Hanagami pouches

I’m on holiday (starting in 2 hours time)! I got Thursday and Friday off due to the Raya celebration in Malaysia… so what am I going to do?

Well, I have achieved some of the things I intended to do… amongst them was to rearrange my craft room (done!), make lots of pouches (done!)… and fill up the forms to apply for visa to visit China (done!)… so that leaves me with…. another 101 things to complete hehehe ….

I’m glad I have the next 4 days to work all this out!

Here’s the new pouches I made… I called them Hanagami Pouches. Hanagami means tissue paper in Japanese (hopefully my 2 semester of japanese class don’t fail me here….) !
Hanagami pouches

I have 7 pouches so far… each unique in its own way… some quilted on the outside, some quilted on the inside, some has lace as loops, some no loops, some with 2 pockets inside, some with 3 pockets… but all made with my favourite cotton fabric! 🙂

Hanagami pouches