my lovely new tote bag!

I missed out the creative space at kootoyoo yesterday!!!! arrgggggg…… but nevermind… here’s my update anyway.

My creative space these few days are lot and lots and lots of flex frame pouches. Here’s a sneak peak. I ran out of the flex frames, so I contacted my local supplier… and guess what, she also ran out! How could that be???? So I just need to wait………. meanwhile, I’ll just make the pouches first. It is very easy to slip-on the flex frame all at ones when they arrive.

Soon they will be in my shops too!

Flex frame bags WIP

Before I forget, here’s a tote bag I made for myself. I have so many totes, but I just couldn’t get enough, especially in this orange colour… so bright and summery! For the lack of a better name, I called her my Sunny Tote! haha

sunny tote

Have a lovely Sunday! It’s a longggg weekend for us here in Malaysia, with independence day on Tuesday, most of us (like me) took Monday off too!

applique flex frame

Here’s am example of my matryoshka applique in use :-).

Matryoshka applique flex frame pouch

I made a flex frame pouch with plain cotton, and embellish her using the matryoshka applique I made last week.

I sooo love matryoshka motives and flex frame. Don’t you?

Meanwhile, last weekend I went to Ikea because I had a $50 coupon. What else to spend them on but fabric hehehe… I got these on a bargain 50% off the normal prices, all in 1/2 metre or 1 metre. They are thicker cotton, so very good for making tote bags… best of all no need to use interliner! Yay!

Ikea fabric

Now I’m off to snip ‘n cut up some pattern for a new tote bag I have in mind 🙂

After 1 week…

This is my creative space for the week.

Matryoshka doll applique

I made some applique using one of my favourite!!!! fabric… the matryoshka doll cotton. The backing, I use patterned felt.

They are on sale here & here.

Today I want to thank you all for those who have sent me email asking how I am and why no post. “I am fine thank you!” and I am guilty of not updating my blog as often as I hoped to. Every morning I wake up telling myself I have to blog today… but the days’ chores kept me from focusing on completing this task. I will buck up… promise!

Here’s a sneak peak on a custom order I have completed ~~~>>> flex frame pouch. More flex frame to come!

Flex frame pouch_red mushrooms

And I want to show you that I have finally put on the straps for my dachshund (this time i spelt it right!) pouches … i use just simple cotton strings.

Dachshund Pounches with STRAPS

Have a great day & do visit kootoyoo for more creative spaces.

Daschound pouches

My creative space today is 2 cute little daschound (is it how you spell it?) —> update:: it’s spelt as DACHSHUND (thanks Shana!)  —  sling pouches.

{plus of course lots and lots of novelty fabric I want to list in my SHOP! but who want to see that right?}

Daschound sling pouch for kids

Love the fabric, love the colour!

Daschound sling pouch for kids

I noticed young girls in church these days love to carry their own sling pouches. And they want to have money inside too! So when collection time comes, they will proudly dig into (like adults do) their bag and take out money for donation. How cute!!!

This pouch has a very simple design. No pockets… just 1 compartment, and a flap that closes with stick-on velcro. It’s soft and kinda puffy as I lined it with some batting. Now… I just have to complete the straps… am thinking of just using thick cotton strings (not fond of sewing my own long long straps).

Daschound sling pouch for kids

Have a merry day ahead! I know I will as the weather has become cooler… yay!

Hop over to Kootoyoo for more creative spaces!

Using New Tags

I mentioned last week that I got new tags for Whimsy Loft, and can’t wait to use them.

Made this as quick fixes to my craving to see how my new tags will look like on a piece of cloth :-).

Made 5 pieces of patchwork rectangles… with tags at the side, and cream calico fabric at the back (u can’t see in the photos)
Using my new tags

I’m getting quite addicted to patchwork at the moment… and a good thing too with the amount of scrap fabric I have accumulating!

I like making things that are small and easy, because I’m an impatient person who likes to see the outcome as fast as possible. I hope they do not look so “hurriedly” made :P.

Then from that 5 rectangle pieces I decide to make them into small pouches which can hold my Mp3 player, and some tissue cover. They are all hand sewn.
MP3 pouch

Tissue holder

I can’t help it.. I simply love the way the tags look. Hu hu hu…


Spend almost half the day making new tags for Whimsy Loft.

What do you think of it?

I made new tags for Whimsy Loft

Given that I am really lousy at using drawing tools in the computer, I’m really really pleased with the outcome of my new tags. Can’t wait to use them… hehehe

I made new tags for Whimsy Loft

Meanwhile, here’s a very crooked photo of the patchwork drawstring bags I made last week. I use faux leather string and a really heavy pinky beads for the string. I use the same sewing method as my Flex Frame Purses, except that I didn’t attach a flex frame, but use strings instead… so it is quite easy to make. I enjoyed mixing and matching the fabric… I hope they don’t look too clustered!

Patchwork Drawstring Bags

Enjoy your day, I’m off to Mass.

What I Made Last Night…

I am on a sewing hiatus. Only 2 days left for my Chinese New Year holiday. So not looking forward to going to work.

These are what I made last night… see I get more productive when the heat is down. Yesterday (and today, thank goodness…) was so much cooler than the days before. The sun has decided to lessen her wrath and have mercy on beings like me… haha!

Two hankerchief for babies. I embellish a tiger (because this year is the year of the Tiger). And the tail is made of cotton string which I covered with embroidery thread, and made a loop at the edge so it can be a hanger.

Tiger year hankie

One more owl. This time using grey socks. My dad’s socks hehe… isn’t he cute? He is very small, only palm size. I use 1/3 of the socks. I have a Tutorial HERE is you want to make one too !
Grey Hoot !!

I made 2, one for my sister, and one for myself. Below is for my sister. It is reversible!
Bib shaped wristlet

Enjoy your day 🙂 I’m going to Bangi (an hour drive away) with my sister to send in her university application now. See ya!

Update 19 Feb:: Oh… one final thing… thanks to Kim from Everything Etsy, I am participating in a BLOG PARTY. Click on the icon below to check out other participant’s creation too! They are superb 🙂

Upcycle. My Dad’s Idea

I was more than ready to use one of my drapery weight fabric to make this Rod Cover for my Dad…. until he suggested to use an old pair of jeans. He is always upcycling things… and he likes to make things.
Project Upcycle: Old Jeans to Fishing Rod Cover
So, I made him this! Tada!

Very simple… just put the rod of the leg of the jeans, and cut. Don’t even need to measure… just pins to keep them jeans steady.
Project Upcycle: Old Jeans to Fishing Rod Cover

Then sew on the zip. I use a very long 32″ zip, so it goes all the way from top to bottom.

Project Upcycle: Old Jeans to Fishing Rod Cover

As you can see, no lining necessary. It’s for rough use… going fishing is a rough hobby 😛

It’s done!

IProject Upcycle: Old Jeans to Fishing Rod Cover

I know, it looks kinda weird and all hehe… but that’s how he wanted it. It is his design. I just improvised and made it a zipper bag rather than a drawstring.

Dog Bone Case

You know how much I love my Labrador… and his favourite treat is a BONE.

So, I made these Bone Shaped Cases.

Bone Cases 1

The zipper is 6″ long, hence the case is long enough to be used as a pencil box, or make-up case. Yes, all my long eye liners, mascara and brushes can fit into this “big bone”.

I embellished the zipper with a key chain with abead and a “kissing couple” charm.

Bone Cases 5

This case is just so full of doggie love ;-).

For more photos of what I have made, visit our WhimsyLoft @ Flickr.

Felt Case

Felt Case – for your everyday needs.

Can be used as a pencil case, make-up case, even for coins, or just to organised your drawers/bags.

felt case

I love sewing with felt because they don’t fray. And they make everything look cute and lovely (does this 2 attributes go together? :-P).

felt case

But I realised that sewing with felt… it is better to sew by hand. Maybe because I am just not to good in adjusting the sewing machine tension (or just plain lazy to do so :-O) hahaha… anyway, I enjoy sewing by hand. It allows my mind to wonder and think of happy things.