Back with a smile

Hello! I’m back… my efford to avoid blogging for a while has made me want to blog even more. Busy times at the office is not over yet. More to come everyday (unfortunately :-P), thus my crafting got left behind.

Scout & his new "pigs ears"

First and foremost, just a few catch up notes…

A while back, I joined this Spring Fling Challenge (no, I didn’t forget about it…) and I’m happy to tell you that I manage to clear off 100 item! Yay! Coincidently, my Mom was also on an Easter Charity Challenge where she challenged herself to giveaway as many things as possible to charity for Easter. I am proud to say.. that I have given away loads of old books, extra stationeries, clothes that don’t fit me anymore, shoes… even some stuff from my kitchen like an extra oven, toaster and rice cooker! It such a wonderful feeling to be giving away to the needy… but the challenging part was that during the “decision making” process, I am always torn between my “posessive hoarder self” and “generous self”. It’s a tough process. I have not stopped here, I’m currently cleaning the other half of my wardrobe and attic… so perhaps more to giveaway?

Shoes to giveaway

Second update is about my little birds.

Cute Birds

I mentioned that I was going to put these up for sale in my Etsy shop.That did not happen. I did make more, but in the end they were given away as gifts instead. 🙂

Third update… was that I won this (the most left one) and with that came a surprise gift from my friend Jace. She makes pretty stuff with yarns. And each creation comes with much thought and love from her. Thank you Jace! If you would like to own one of her beautiful pieces, hop over to Jace’s etsy shop here.

Well, that’s it for now… I’m going to spend some time in front of the tv :-P. Cheers to you all !

Story of a dog and a bird


Ones upon a time, there was a dog… Snoopy-lookalike-dog and a Pink-eye-rims-bird. They are good friends, and want to visit the Calendar Twin Tower.

The Story of A Dog and A Bird

So off they went to ask Scout, the guardian to the calendar world… “Scout!” called Snoopy-lookalike-dog.

“Huh?”… Scout said. Surprise that sock toys can speak !

The Story of A Dog and A Bird

“ok ok… go ahead lah… visit the tower”…

So happy Snoopy-lookalike-dog and Pink-eye-rims-bird hop off to the twin tower wonderland.

Pink-eye-rims-bird smiling dementedly all the way…

The Story of A Dog and A Bird

Snoopy-lookalike-dog enjoying his ride in a wine glass…

The Story of A Dog and A Bird

“Thank U Scout” says Snoopy-lookalike-dog.

The Story of A Dog and A Bird

Happy days ahead everyone! I will be travelling and back only just before Easter. See ya!


Chirp Chirp

How do you like my little birds?

Cute Birds

I made them using baby socks.

They have suctioncaps attached to the end of the string.

My intention is to hang these little birds on the car windows. But you can hang them on any glass windows too… or get creative and hang them anywhere you like (above baby prams, or baby car seats, in the closet, etc.)

Aren’t they cute?

I love the way their tail turned out. It is the difficult part to make. 😉

Cute Birds

I’m making more of these… as Easter gifts, and I want to list them in my shop too. Look out for them in my etsy shop ya… It will be going really cheap, only USD$7.50 for a pair of them :-). Coming soon!

Have a nice day.

Tiny Feets

So last night I had this idea before I fell asleep. It involves baby socks ;-).

First thing this morning, I went in search of baby socks in the departmental store, and I found some really good quality socks at a bargain! Happy happy… 6 pairs of baby socks, and 5 pairs of adult ladies socks, all for less than $10. They are really nice… these are medium thickness and soft to the touch. I love love love love them.

Tiny socks

I realise now that when making softies with socks, the better quality socks you use, the better the softie will turn out. When I first started making socks toys, I used sock I bought a long time ago from thrift markets (just because I like them but I hardly use socks). They were thin and not stretchy enough, and because they were thrifted I had the heart to cut them up (never did I imagine that now I buy socks on purpose just to cut them up !!! Haha…)


Well, this is just a quick post to share my bargain purchase today ;-). 

I’ll be working on these socks tomorrow, hopefully I have something to share very soon !!

More Socks!

Oh ya… my Spring Fling Challenge is going well (see list on side bar) – over these 2 days, managed to compile some 20 plus items I would like to donate to charity or recycle … YAY!! 🙂

Tutorial for Sock Softie.. yes?

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A while ago, I made some felt softie.

Today, I’m going to share it with you…
Felt Softie

They come in pairs, so it’s great as a Valentine gift.

Coincidently this year, Chinese New Year falls on Valentine’s Day. Yippie! We get “extra” celebration… I haven’t even done my Chinese New Year shopping. Lots of drinks and beer and titbits to buy. Didn’t even order any new year cookies (looks like I have to either make my own, or buy factory processed…). Lots of “sengkuang” to buy to make the traditional Hokkien “Jiu Hu Char”… and I haven’t even started shopping! OMGoodness!!!

Rambo Giraffe looks very rainbow-ish … I just love his colour. Notice he has no eyes… 😛 That’s because I ran out of glue… Otherwise he would have 2 large oggling eyes… now he is as blind as a bat, but not for long ;-). Maybe I should just embroidery his eyes, it’s safer for kids that way.
"Rambo" Giraffe Sock Softie

Another of my sock-cutting endeavour brought this little monster to life.

Wait for my tutorial ok :-).

I’m happy to share my way of making sock softie…  I just cannot decide which one to write a tutorial for ??? 🙂

P/S: Thank you everyone who has drop by my blog. And I especially appreciate your comments.

Thanks to you who joined my OWOH giveaway. I’m trying to visit all your OWOH too… 800++ and counting… I really am trying to catch up reading blogs, I want to visit all … yayaya…

Playing with Socks

Thank you my friends for joining my One World One Heart (OWOH) giveaway.

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Meanwhile, last week I found some cute little unused socks in my wardrobe… I can’t believe I have so many socks when I don’t wear except for travel, and I have separate sport socks for gym. What do I need so many socks for??!!

So… what do I do with them?…

Made some random little plushes… they’re good for random decoration.

No pattern, to planning… just snip-and-sew… and look how they turn out…

Here’s Mr Wrabbit…

Here’s the clown Monkey…
Am I a Monkey?

Here’s Miss Oink-oink…
Oink! oink!

And last but not least Meow (I don’t know whether its a “he” or “she”…) … hiding between my books.

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