Socks Toys

Story of a dog and a bird

  Ones upon a time, there was a dog… Snoopy-lookalike-dog and a Pink-eye-rims-bird. They are good friends, and want to visit the Calendar Twin Tower. So off they went to ask Scout, the guardian to the calendar world… “Scout!” called Snoopy-lookalike-dog. “Huh?”… Scout said. Surprise that sock toys can speak !

Chirp Chirp

How do you like my little birds? I made them using baby socks. They have suctioncaps attached to the end of the string. My intention is to hang these little birds on the car windows. But you can hang them on any glass windows too… or get creative and hang them

Tiny Feets

So last night I had this idea before I fell asleep. It involves baby socks ;-). First thing this morning, I went in search of baby socks in the departmental store, and I found some really good quality socks at a bargain! Happy happy… 6 pairs of baby socks, and