Sewing on denim

It was my first time sewingย with denim using my new sewing machine :-). I feel like it is a huge achievement!


Denim Laptop Tote

This tote is quilted inside, and has just one pocket to fit a 14″ laptop snugly.

The rest of the space can be used to carry your mouse & cable & documents.
Denim Laptop Tote

Velcro to keep everything in place.

Outside, there is a pocket made of grey linen, for loose change, library card, car keys… and can even fit your mobile phone.
Denim Laptop Tote

Look… even with all the batting for protection, the tote is actually still very slim ๐Ÿ™‚
Denim Laptop Tote

p/s: i must say that only recently i started using batting in almost all my sewing (as opposed to fusible interliner)… and i need to mention that battings can be costly {at $22/metre…wt#$%^&*& !!!)

my lovely new tote bag!

I missed out the creative space at kootoyoo yesterday!!!! arrgggggg…… but nevermind… here’s my update anyway.

My creative space these few days are lot and lots and lots of flex frame pouches. Here’s a sneak peak. I ran out of the flex frames, so I contacted my local supplier… and guess what, she also ran out! How could that be???? So I just need to wait………. meanwhile, I’ll just make the pouches first. It is very easy to slip-on the flex frame all at ones when they arrive.

Soon they will be in my shops too!

Flex frame bags WIP

Before I forget, here’s a tote bag I made for myself. I have so many totes, but I just couldn’t get enough, especially in this orange colour… so bright and summery! For the lack of a better name, I called her my Sunny Tote! haha

sunny tote

Have a lovely Sunday! It’s a longggg weekend for us here in Malaysia, with independence day on Tuesday, most of us (like me) took Monday off too!

Heart Me Tote Bag

Another tote bag? Well, I can never have enough of totes. One can say I am a tote slut ๐Ÿ˜› shhh…

Heart Tote2

She is made of canvas cotton, with a magnetic snap and a zipper pocket inside. I love the hearts.

I bought 1 meter of this canvas cotton, and am able to make 6 of these little beauty in this size. But I didn’t make 6 of course… I like to make different sizes and style (even if it just differs a little …). This is quite an expensive cloth, because of its weight and because it is imported canvas.

Heart Tote3

My current craze is sewing bags! Yippie!

Flower Green Tote

I simply love the combination on colour! Green with Yellow, and some Brown. Perfect bag for my shopping. I’m thinking fabric shopping? ๐Ÿ™‚ Hehe…

Front view…
Flower Green Tote 3

The other side…
ย Flower Green Tote 4

This bag is made of 100% cotton, and I use a medium weight iron-on interlining between the fabrics. The photos doesn’t do justice to how pretty she is… (and also because I have not iron her…ย she got all crumply when I turned her inside out while sewing… poor thing…).

Inside, I made 2 pockets. One with zip and one without.

Flower Green Tote1

And not forgetting to credit to WhimsyLoft by putting a Tag!

Flower Green Tote2

I’m officially making this bag my Shopping Bag !
It’s quite large, measuring about 25″ x 18″.


Light Me Up! Tote

I made this during the public holiday on Monday and finally had the time to upload it. I just love making totes and when I saw this fabric, it really caught my eye and the first thing that came to my mind was that it would look great for a bag.

Light Me Up!

I just love making bags but the thing about making too many bags is that I end up not using them and it gets stored away, hidden deep in the recesses of my cupboards after a while. Which is a total waste because bags are made to be used.

So… if you’re interested in buying the bag (and ensuring that I have more storage space ๐Ÿ™‚ )please visit our etsy store.

Thank you for reading!

Eco Bag

I’ve been thinking of making an Eco Bag for so long and finally sat myself down to start sewing. This bag is meant to be light and it can be folded to fit into your handbag or the glove compartment of your car (so you can carry them around, in case you need to do some shopping!).

Purple Teddy Eco Bag 1

It’s perfect as a grocery bag… go green, save earth and not use any plastic bags (not even paper bags!).

I used this really pretty purple teddy bear cotton and light calico for the bag. I like the purple so much (and it’s the same colour to my newly manicured nails ๐Ÿ˜› haha!)… everytime I sew I can’t help admiring how both the fabric and my nails complement each other…

Purple Teddy Eco Bag 2p>

P/S: and because it’s full of cute little teddy bear printed on the fabric, you can use it for a baby bag too! It has “baby” shouting out…

There is no lining for this bag. It’s meant to be light and of course durable. I double stitch with machine and dead-tie all the ends of the thread.

Purple Teddy Eco Bag 7

For straps, I used a 2-inch wide polyester strap. It’s spongy and not too thin, therefore very nice and comfy for the shoulder when you carry heavy groceries (or shoes… hmmm I love shoe shopping! or FABRICS !!!).

The small pouch is to keep the eco bag folded and tidy when you don’t need it. This pouch is made of off-white 100% cotton and has a strap with lobster clasps. After completing it, I thought it was too plain so I embellished it with my cupcake felt embellishments. Now, it’s sooo lovely.

Durability test:

Filled this bag with 2 kilos of grocery from my pantry… and carry it around the house for 5 minutes! Still in good shape… no tearing, no streatching… so O.K. Pass with flying colours!

Purple Teddy Eco Bag 10

Here’s how you fold the bag.

Purple Teddy Eco Bag 8Purple Teddy Eco Bag 3Purple Teddy Eco Bag 4Purple Teddy Eco Bag 5Purple Teddy Eco Bag 6


Well, if you’re interested to own this baby, please go to my Etsy store WhimsyLoft@Etsy and purchase it. I will throw in a few felt embellishments for free! Maybe you want to embellish the other side of the pouch? Hehe…

Click HERE to see product in Etsy.