Sleep and 2 new projects

For those of you who read my FB status, you would realised that recently I have been sleeping really late and waking up considerably late in the morning. I am usually an early riser, 7am at the latest; but I have been waking up around 10am these past week. The reason for this is because I’ve been hooked onto watching sitcoms on YouTube and playing online games. It’s a wonder with modern technology and social media, everything is so accessible from the comfort of my home. Not only that, I get updates via twitter on news and upgrades for the movie or games which I subscribe to. All I need is internet connection and a laptop… ^^

Meanwhile, I got 2 projects in hand, using these 2 combinations of fabric. What do you think?

The pastel peach colour is so soft and sweet.
fabric combination 1

I find the umbrellas very kawaii, and purple is just royal !
fabric combination 2

I will share the outcome of the projects soon. Have a nice day!

japanese cotton and english cotton

Just couldn’t resist them!

Look what I bought yesterday?

more cotton fabric

I needed more plain coloured cotton for my bags… but the rest was just because they are too good to resist.

Somehow grey and pink appealed to me yesterday. I was a pink & grey gal ^^

These are English cotton, from Lancaster the Uncle told me.
pink lotus leaf_english cotton

My favourite of the lot.
grey-pink blossoms_english cotton

This one is Japanese cotton.
pollens_japanese cotton

All 3 pattern fabrics are HERE, included in the Fabric Choices Set for your custom made bags!

Please visit my etsy shops – I will be updating more ready made items soon:

Destash SALE (sewing & beading notions) here:

Happy Monday 🙂 May the blues be gone….

Oh what cuties!

2-sided cardholders

Yesterday was public holiday for Malaysia… so I stayed home for half the day finishing up some custom orders…

2-sided cardholders

We visited Digital Mall to grab some of those special papers which I make my labels with (the last of the last batch says the salesgirl! glad i got them… hehehe) and saw some lovely netbook on display… so I’ve been thinking about it since last night, and decided that I will get one for myself when I get my bonus this year *smile*…

2-sided cardholders

Last weekend, I’ve also managed to tidy up my fabric closet. Well, if you think this is not tidy enough… you haven’t seen the “before” photo! Haha…
Fabric closet all tidied up

I’m having a great week this week. Happy Friday!

Updates updates!

Hello Friends,

I made some changes on my shipping policy over the weekends.
As of 2nd September 2010 (any orders received on 2/9/2010 onwards) will be automatically posted as REGISTERED mail with return receipt. This is for both domestic and international shipping. I made this change to serve you all better, giving you {and me} a peace of mind for safer shipping just for a small additional fee. 🙂 You will be able to track all your purchases and need to sign for the package when they arrive.


Over the weekends, I have also received some pre-ordered fabric for you lovely people ~ thank you so much!!!
There are some left {cos I ordered extra for myself hehehe…} and I will either list them in my shop or make them into lovely pouches!

New Linens

I have a 2 new pouch designs coming up…

Look out for them ya?

These are my absolute favourite linens at the moment. Double sided… one side polkadot, the other side strawberries!!!
Double sided linens

Have a nice day you all! 🙂

applique flex frame

Here’s am example of my matryoshka applique in use :-).

Matryoshka applique flex frame pouch

I made a flex frame pouch with plain cotton, and embellish her using the matryoshka applique I made last week.

I sooo love matryoshka motives and flex frame. Don’t you?

Meanwhile, last weekend I went to Ikea because I had a $50 coupon. What else to spend them on but fabric hehehe… I got these on a bargain 50% off the normal prices, all in 1/2 metre or 1 metre. They are thicker cotton, so very good for making tote bags… best of all no need to use interliner! Yay!

Ikea fabric

Now I’m off to snip ‘n cut up some pattern for a new tote bag I have in mind 🙂

I want my cake!

Yeap… that’s the title of this post!

I’ve been craving for chocolate moist cakes since last Sunday… yesterday was a disappointment because my sister promised to bring home some cakes and when she came home… NO CAKE !!!

So today, we’re going out to get the cake!!!!

Meanwhile, I am the happiest girl at home today… beeee-cossss I got new stash of fabric {enough to share some in my shop!…}.

Currently I’m crazy over ballerinas…
Ballerina in Paris

and girly sort of motifs… such as…

Girl's day out

Yippie! Cake time!


Hello my friends,

Thank you all who have joined my giveaway last week.

Random generator helped me with selecting my winner…

and the WINNER is…. commentor # 11


Winner giveaway july 2010

Congratulations Emily. Will contact you shortly 🙂


Some updates …

I’ve started sewing again… {with my machine}… I realised I got too used to using the “hand button”, that today I decided to use the stepper (is that what we call it?), and my hands and legs just don’t coordinate well. I don’t know if you understand what I’m trying to say hahaha… Oh well, I made a few bags with my very limited Japanese tenugui fabric . Will post photos later, as I am too lazy to get my camera out now.

My SALE is still on at Daily I will list a few items… one of them will include this beautiful Japanese cotton. I only have 1/2 a yard though…

Animal News - pinkish background

P/s: and THANK YOU for those who have supported me in this shop, I appreciate your patronage 🙂

And… I have opened a Dawanda shop. Finally! Been wanting to do this for sometime now. Here’s the link:

Ok, for now, have Happy Monday everyone!

My Creative Space 14-06-10

I decided to join My Creative Space at kootoyoo. Then realised it starts every Thursday… but anyway… here’s the post… i will note that for future 😉

My workspace 14-06-10

This is what I’ve been up to since yesterday. Cutting and cutting lots of square blocks for a 2 projects. And I got a new rotary cutter (the blue one)!! It is small and cute… and it comes with perforated blades too! Yay!

I like!
Can you imagine.. from my many years of sewing this and that… it’s only now I started using rotary cutter. And they are super wonderful!
Rotary Cutters

Oh.. did I mention… those grid rulers up there… they’re new too! My cousin Annette ordered online for me. Thanks Annette! Double YAY!

In the mean time… what’s taking up my tiny creative space are 40 spools of crystal thread… which was delivered today. They are for my other project at church ~ Rosary making ~ one of our BEC is making 1200 Rosaries to be donated to people in Russia and Afrika. Tomorrow we’re be packing them up and distributing to volunteers to make the Rosaries !
Spools of Crystal Thread

I also printed more of my Whimsy Loft labels… this time I tried a new print-on fabric from Japan. Will list this fabric in my online shops as soon as the stock comes in!
New labels for Whimsy Loft

Have a great day!