My Creative Space 14-06-10

I decided to join My Creative Space at kootoyoo. Then realised it starts every Thursday… but anyway… here’s the post… i will note that for future 😉

My workspace 14-06-10

This is what I’ve been up to since yesterday. Cutting and cutting lots of square blocks for a 2 projects. And I got a new rotary cutter (the blue one)!! It is small and cute… and it comes with perforated blades too! Yay!

I like!
Can you imagine.. from my many years of sewing this and that… it’s only now I started using rotary cutter. And they are super wonderful!
Rotary Cutters

Oh.. did I mention… those grid rulers up there… they’re new too! My cousin Annette ordered online for me. Thanks Annette! Double YAY!

In the mean time… what’s taking up my tiny creative space are 40 spools of crystal thread… which was delivered today. They are for my other project at church ~ Rosary making ~ one of our BEC is making 1200 Rosaries to be donated to people in Russia and Afrika. Tomorrow we’re be packing them up and distributing to volunteers to make the Rosaries !
Spools of Crystal Thread

I also printed more of my Whimsy Loft labels… this time I tried a new print-on fabric from Japan. Will list this fabric in my online shops as soon as the stock comes in!
New labels for Whimsy Loft

Have a great day!

Introducing …

my newest addition to the sewing basket…

rotary cutters

1 for my cuz Annette, 1 for me…

It’s amazing how a little something like a spanking brand new rotary cutter can make my day.

Here’s a peek on what I’ve been making the last weeks…
2 cell phone pouches… fits Nokia E71 perfectly.
Felt handphone pouches

A Rosary for my Godma… a custom gift requested by my God Sis for her Mom for Mother’s Day this May.
Rosary & felt pouch

spending $$$ on haberdasheries

Lately, I have not really been crafting much. Some odds and ends here and there… sometimes just so my brains register I have MADE something. 😛 It’s funny isn’t it… how we crafters just need to MAKE something.

With all the tiresome brain work activities at work, I destressed by spending money on haberdashery items. Just to share some…

Harbedashery Frenzy

I got most of them from Bangkok 2 weekends ago, while some are from my local haberdashery shop. Yes, even with holidaying in Bangkok, I seek out hobby shops and fabric shops just so I can spend lots of money 😛 hahaha

This is becoming a very bad habit. “Control yourself girl!! “

Meanwhile, I am planning for another giveaway… some miscellaneous this and that from my ever growing stash of haberdashery… I just need some time to sort them out… Have a happy Sunday !

Self Threading Needles

Again, a BIG thank you to those of you who have commented. I love love loveeee hearing from you :-).
My giveaway for OWOH is still ongoing… 1 more week to go… so please check it out

I went to the haberdashery shop last weekend, and this self-threading needles caught my fancy. So I bought a packet of assorted sizes and use them to sew my Sock Owl for the tutorial.

It was great!

Self threading needles

Read somewhere on the internet that not many seamstress recommend these needles… because they fray the thread and some even tear the fabric. Hmmm… well, I haven’t use these needles enough to experience the above… for what it’s worth, my first try was satisfying 🙂 Give it a try!