Spell DESSERTS the other way around… it spells STRESSED.
Yes, lately I am feeling very very stressed with my day job. So much to do, new assignment, new colleugue to work with. I’m getting old, my learning curve is not as steep as previously, I’m a bit slow lately :P. Oh well!

These helped a lot! Thank God business trips comes with great buffet choices!
yummy desserts

yummy desserts

yummy desserts


My recent business trip had me staying in Renaissance hotel. I love these 5 stars hotel. Their sheets are superb, and they provide good quality toilettries.
What caught my attention was the packaging of their soap bars. These are milk bars by Margot Elena.

margot elena milk soap bar

my hotel “souvenir”

Day 2 of spring cleaning my room is over and done.

Today, I cleaned the area below my wardrobe (where I chuck almost everything I want to hide from view) and 1 bathroom cupboard (I have 2 cupboards in my bathroom).

I realised, I had one whole big bag of “souvenir” chuck aside; all from my numerous stay in hotels last year. I was away from home quite a bit last year, due to work projects which require me to be away. All in all, I think I spend almost 9 months away from home.
my hotel "souvenir"

So, unpacking my “souvenir” bag… it’s really a lot!!! You know with the checking-in and checking-out of hotels and the plane rides, and all those really cute branded bottles of toilettries they give out as “complementaries”… I just cannot help but “tapau” (pack) the unused ones home.

my hotel "souvenir"

These are just 1/3 of what I brought back, the rest are not pictured. That’s the perk being an executive customer in 5-star hotels. You get pampered like a Princess! Not just all sorts of nice toilettries, but the flowers and snacks and bedsheets and pillows and getting your bed turned down every evening, toilet flushed and rugged all over, towels changed, linens washed daily… it was heaven! … for a short period of time, before it all becomes slightly “empty” if you know what I mean…

my hotel "souvenir"

Anyway, now I know I don’t have to buy toilettries for the next 1 year ^^

Magnets from Bali

My Parents went to Bali for the weekend to attend my Uncle’s wedding. As always, I will request for fridge magnets as souvenirs. If nothing else, just bring me magnets! I collect them. Like crazy!!!

Here’s what they bought me. I was expecting just 1 or 2, but 16 !!!! Wow weee… my Dad went overboard 😛
magnets from Bali

Mom kept asking me if they are nice. She said Dad choosed them. She kind of think he could have chosen better hahaha… but I like them. I think, while most of them are unique, some do look kind of scary!

I must say, these are unique to the Balinese culture. I don’t know much about them, I need to research about it (soon).

Mom bought me a bag. Fabric patchworked bag, made from Sarong. I will take a photo of it soon, and post it up. It is beautiful! I got blouses and skirts and belts too… but those are not that “important” to show off here… hehehe…

New found love

Last month, sitting in my cosy little hotel room in The Haag, I suddenly decided to love decoupage.

So, through ebay, I bought my first bottle of Mod Podge Outdoor. The idea was that a week or so later, when I’m home, the bottle of mod podge would have reached my doorstep and I can start my projects!

But no… it didn’t arrive. I waited and waited, got all my other supplies ready and it still didn’t arrive. In my haste to get my project started, I went to the local craft store in 1 Utama, and bought myself a Mod Podge Fabric. Guess what it was $5 cheaper than ordering online :P.

I got myself a Mod Podge Fabric, and I started using this on wood… hehe… turned out okay, I wouldn’t know the differences between the different types of mod podge anyways, as long as it serves it’s purpose of decoupaging and not destroying my work. Good enough for me.

Then yesterday, the postman brough me this….

He came in a large van, holding out a cardboard box size of a shoe box…

… and lo and behold it was my mod podge!

Nice way of packaing a 8oz. bottle in a large shoe box. I like the air baloons!

I was all for accepting the fact that my mod podge got lost in post 😛

One of my “bestest” photo taken in sunny Kinderdijk, Holland. Love love love the bicycle rides, windy day, nice scenery, sweet apple pie there… 

Now I’m off to completing my decoupage project. More photos soon.