Spend almost half the day making new tags for Whimsy Loft. What do you think of it? Given that I am really lousy at using drawing tools in the computer, I’m really really pleased with the outcome of my new tags. Can’t wait to use them… hehehe… Meanwhile, here’s a

Spring Fling Challenge

Today, Ellen introduced me to this Spring Fling Challenge hosted by Life Frosting. I think it’s a great idea! A super duper great wonderful WOWZER idea! Well, it’s not spring here in Malaysia… there’s no spring in Malaysia, there’s just the warm tropical weather all year round *sigh* but nevermind

My Cards

WhimsyLoft has been using these cards for sometime now. Yesterday, I decided to spice it up a little (because it’s Christmas!!!) and added MERRY CHRISTMAS behind the cards. I handcarved the rubber stamps for my business cards, and use fabric ink to chop on the cards. Everthing on the cards