Aloe and Beetroot Natural Soap

This is the first time I’ve made soap with botanicals. I got some aloe vera powder and beetroot powder the last time I was in KL.

The colours were really pretty. I was hoping that it would stay true in the soap. But I kind of knew that it wouldn’t… Still, I decided to try it out anyway.

To make a simple looking soap look more interesting, I textured the top with swirls and whirls. It turned out to be a really nice soap to use. The aloe vera powder made it more slippery on the skin, giving it a nice feel when using it.

Shrink plastic

I bought some shrink plastic from Daiso when I went to Japan in Oct. Daiso in Malaysia may have it but it’s almost double the price when compared to Japan.

I didn’t have time to make anything out of it in Oct so I left it for the next time I went back to KL. I.e. now! It needs a toaster oven to shrink it and I don’t have one in KK, and my other craft odds and ends needed for this project is in KL. So I could only do it when I’m back in KL.

Anyway, this project is pretty easy. And you don’t have to be an artist to do it. I’m terrible at drawing, so I printed out some cute pictures from the internet and traced them.

Here’s a pikachu one that I traced. I got it from Google image search.

After toasting it in the oven for a few seconds, it shrank down about 4 to 5 times from its original size and became much thicker. You can see it in the photo below.

If you ever do this, remember to punch or cut it properly before you shrink it down. Tip: If you find that its not flat, put in in between a thick book and press down. Use baking paper to protect your book – the colours may transfer.

I initially planned to use them as key a chains but then decided to use them as unique luggage tags. I put a ribbon through the hole of my “tags” and use them to mark my luggage. It’s quite sturdy and survived being checked in.

I have plans in future to make name tags for my dogs. And also personalized key chains – need to get the chains and rings first.

‘Roos and Hoot

I made amigurumi recently. But never posted them before… So here goes.

First up is the kangaroos.

I made this on a whimsy 😊 and was so happy that it turned out good. I’m not good at following patterns but I managed this time.

Then a friend of mine ordered a set of ‘roos from me. It was custom made to the colours of his choice.

So now we have a twins! Of course, the younger twin (and baby) had to fly off to KL to their new home…

A while after that, I made an owl from some scrap yarns that I had.

This little owl which I call Hoot has a place in my room. I have to keep her tucked away because my furbabies have a thing for stuffed toys… 🙃🙃🙃

hello rosie

This is Rosie. 2016-07-08_16.59.57

She is very light and fluffy, especially her petals.


Made with milk cotton yarn, and 4.0mm hook.

She measures approximately 40cm tall. And the diameter of her head is 38cm.

Pattern by zabbez.


She is available for sale, I will be listing in our Facebook page and Etsy shop soon.

Meanwhile, PM me in facebook page or email for more info if you are interested in her.

oh those magnets

Last week was Hary Raya holiday. I was suppose to go for a personal retreat in Johor, but due to certain unforeseen reason I was not able to go. It was a good holiday at home, albeit having a lot on my mind and also having to do some office work during the holidays.

This project is has been long pending. I have always wanted to put up a magnetic board with the world map to display my magnet collection. Dad mounted this heavy thing on the wall for me.


The process? …. Many months ago (I cannot even remember how long ago it was), I bought 3 magnetic board from Ikea. Dad brought them to the welder and got them to weld the boards together.

I bought the World Map stickers from IPC way back in 2012 December (yeap, the receipt was still in the box). The stickers were meant for walls, but hey it works fine on my magnet board too.



My plan was to have each magnet from the country of origin correspond to the map did not work; because I have too many from the same country or area nearby and the map is to tiny. Initially I thought of just choosing 1 magnet from each country and put them up, and put the others up on rotation. However, then that beats the point of having my collection displayed, and besides I am not that “hardworking” to manage that. Hence, I tried my best to pin all my magnets up on the board, as close to the map as possible.


Till death do us part

I have been looking for a Bridge & Groom doll for a long time now. Most pattern I found are small. Finally came accross this pattern, and best of all it is free and comes with a you tube tutorial as well 🙂

Amidst my really busy brain crushing schedule, I managed to (had to) sneak in a couple of hours to make these.


I made some variations to the original pattern, basically I didn’t put any pearls or flower bouquet…. just used plain yellow yarn as the hair ribbon and necklace, no earrings, no bouquet.

Bride measures 23cm tall, Groom measures 26cm tall.


Both are made of milk cotton, 5 ply, 3.5mm hooks.

Here’s linking the pattern author… yarnutopia bride & groom. Thank you for sharing your pattern.

Finger Family

Another group hug…

Papa, Mama, Kor kor, Mei mei and Di di (Father, Mother, Big Brother, Little Sister and Little Brother) = A Complete Family. 


This is my other second batch of finger puppets, for the same friend who requested for the animal family puppets.

Another one of a kind, making up the pattern as I go along, tiny doll challenge creation 🙂


Have a great weekend. Today is my Mom’s birthday, and we are celebrating with Durians!

Animal finger puppets

A friend of mine asked if I can make finger puppets for her grandson.

I am not a fan at crocheting small dolls as this requires sophistication… which I don’t have and I have huge hands… hehehe…

Anyway I challenged myself to make them, no pattern to follow, just free hand making them up as I go along.

This is the outcome… my one of a kind, not sure if I can ever replicate them… animal finger family! 2016-06-23_20.58.12

This challenge has open up a new window to my passion for crocheting. Now I know I enjoy making tiny dolls (it’s not that tough after all !).

So you will be seeing more of me making smaller dolls.

Group hug yo!!!


Look out for my Finger Family post, coming up next!