3 Types of Bags

Mini Mushroom House Bag.

Mini Mushroom Sling 1

Mini Mushroom Sling 3

This is a prototype. And it’s rated as “tak jadi” (that means cannot see light :-P, didn’t pass through QC). Eeekkk… it was meant to be cute :-(. Nevermind, I will try again.

Mini Mushroom Sling 2

Leaf Motif Wristlet.

Leaf Motif Wristlet

Leaf Motif Wristlet 1

This I love. Made of pretty Japanese cotton, 100% handsewn. Lightly paded with iron on inter-lining. It’s sturdy and yet light.

Leaf Motif Wristlet 3

Sweet Ribbons Tote.

Sweet Ribbons Tote 1

The sweetness of the ribbon prints on Chinese cotton is accentuated by the white lace and pink satin ribbon. This tote is paded with a thin layer of sponge, to give it shape and protect your item. I made this with the intention to carry a laptop. I cannot decide now, whether to put her up in Etsy or keep her for myself ~ just right for me to tug my laptop inside and head down to my favourite Starbucks!

Sweet Ribbons Tote 2

Enjoy your day y’all.

Potholders – Cute Bugs

This past week have found me boiling soups and tongsui (Chinese desserts). I realised that my kitchen do not have a potholder! Seems that we have been satisfied using a kitchen cloth as a potholder substitute, so I figured, why not make one… so here it is!

I made not just one but two!
They look like cute little bugs.

Potholder 3

The blue one is fully handstitch, while the red one, is machine stitch 😛
They measure approx. 5.5″ in width, and 7.5″ in lenght; and I use sponge inside to make it heat-proof.

Potholder 4

Potholder 5

But this doesn’t suit my kitchen colour, so I’m at the moment making a yellow one for my kitchen.

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Eco Bag

I’ve been thinking of making an Eco Bag for so long and finally sat myself down to start sewing. This bag is meant to be light and it can be folded to fit into your handbag or the glove compartment of your car (so you can carry them around, in case you need to do some shopping!).

Purple Teddy Eco Bag 1

It’s perfect as a grocery bag… go green, save earth and not use any plastic bags (not even paper bags!).

I used this really pretty purple teddy bear cotton and light calico for the bag. I like the purple so much (and it’s the same colour to my newly manicured nails 😛 haha!)… everytime I sew I can’t help admiring how both the fabric and my nails complement each other…

Purple Teddy Eco Bag 2p>

P/S: and because it’s full of cute little teddy bear printed on the fabric, you can use it for a baby bag too! It has “baby” shouting out…

There is no lining for this bag. It’s meant to be light and of course durable. I double stitch with machine and dead-tie all the ends of the thread.

Purple Teddy Eco Bag 7

For straps, I used a 2-inch wide polyester strap. It’s spongy and not too thin, therefore very nice and comfy for the shoulder when you carry heavy groceries (or shoes… hmmm I love shoe shopping! or FABRICS !!!).

The small pouch is to keep the eco bag folded and tidy when you don’t need it. This pouch is made of off-white 100% cotton and has a strap with lobster clasps. After completing it, I thought it was too plain so I embellished it with my cupcake felt embellishments. Now, it’s sooo lovely.

Durability test:

Filled this bag with 2 kilos of grocery from my pantry… and carry it around the house for 5 minutes! Still in good shape… no tearing, no streatching… so O.K. Pass with flying colours!

Purple Teddy Eco Bag 10

Here’s how you fold the bag.

Purple Teddy Eco Bag 8Purple Teddy Eco Bag 3Purple Teddy Eco Bag 4Purple Teddy Eco Bag 5Purple Teddy Eco Bag 6


Well, if you’re interested to own this baby, please go to my Etsy store WhimsyLoft@Etsy and purchase it. I will throw in a few felt embellishments for free! Maybe you want to embellish the other side of the pouch? Hehe…

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